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We help gaming and tech companies create stunning visuals by closing the gap between clients and creators.

Why Royals & Rogues?

How it usually goes

For any project, each step of separation between you and the actual work adds cost and creates a communication gap. It's like a giant game of telephone but you pay everyone's bill... Here is what it looks like:

Your Team

Needs creative services. Sends out RFPs. Assigns job to the best valued agency.


Pitches creative ideas without knowing all costs.
Manages the project while hiring studios to do the actual production.

Overhead: high

Large offices
Staff not involved with project
Hiring Studios


Plans the execution of creative.
Manages small staff.
Hires freelancers to do the actual production.

Overhead: mid

Equipment Rentals


Creates the actual content.

Overhead: low

Home office

No wonder so many projects go over time and budget.

...or worse, die somewhere in the middle.

The Solution

Royals & Rogues takes the place of all three chains.

First, we begin planning and diving into research so we know exactly what your project needs. Talented directors, who oversee the artists actually doing the work, then cut out the bloat associated with traditional agencies. This also allows Royals & Rogues to scale to your needs rather than you paying for unused talent and resources.

Eliminating the long chains of communication and bloated budgets saves you time and resources, while giving you more control over the final output. You can rest easy knowing that your content is in the hands of professionals rather than being outsourced to the lowest bidder.

Your Team

Needs creative services. Contacts Royals & Rogues for expertise in evaluating and executing projects.

Royals & Rogues

Hand picks a team of professionals assigned to work directly with the client through a project manager.

Overhead: low


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