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Sports Templates is the premiere site for the highest quality templates on the market. They needed a high quality video to showcase their solution in a fun and exciting way.
Royals & Rogues was happy to oblige.

Fist we started where we always do, discovery, who are we talking to? What are their pain points? Where do they walk their dog? How do we solve their problems? How do we stand out from everyone else who thinks they can solve their problems? How do we communicate that?
Once we had enough information we start preproduction, scripts, moldboards, and storyboards.

Early Storyboards

After a few tweaks to make sure everything is juuuuuust right, it's off to the races. Modeling, texturing editing, audio recording, the works. Each phase requires creative problem solving as we find new and unique ways to bring the concepts and visuals to life.

3D passes and modeling.

After a few more revisions, tweaks, and hefty amounts of spit polishing, we have a killer video made to perfectly fit our client's unique personality and audience.

"Working with Alec and his team was a unique and friendly experience, the brand exploration and scripting phase showed me how much Alec cares about what he does and sure enough he came back to me with a video script that spoke to my target customer exactly with the tone I had in mind. When the time came to translate that script into visuals, Alec took my feedback really well despite the fact that some of it was a bit too demanding/perfectionist but he understood that details were important for my video since high quality graphics are a big factor in my product.. my audience ended up loving the video and I cant wait to work again with Alec and his team."

Ali Rahmoun | CEO Sports Templates

3D Renders by James Mauger | Editing by Motion Bogdan

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