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In under a year Godfall went from a small indie game no one heard of to being featured at the game awards as the first title announced for the PlayStation 5. 

We have a long relationship with Counterplay Games, the developer of Godfall, we helped out in one way or another with almost all the marketing for their last game Duelyst which sold to Bandai Namco a couple years back. 

So how did we help this time? Well so far we’ve created a gameplay trailer, a 3D render, as well as a logo animation to build hype. Unfortunately I cannot show any of the gameplay trailer, as it was all pre-alpha footage but it was good enough to help get a sign on from Gearbox and Sony, who are now partnering to publish Godfall.

These animations, the unseen gameplay trailer, and various other animations and renders were the perfect way to introduce Godfall to the world. We cannot wait to play it on the PS5 this winter.

"Royals & Rogues are a pleasure to work with, surprising us with their creativity, speed of execution and attention to detail."

"..All because of your early work for us that (Godfall) is so big now."

Keith Lee, CEO Counterplay Games
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