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1.44 Billion Dollar Case Study.

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We have been working with Zuora for a few years now.

Creating videos for many of their products as they transitioned from a private company to being publicly traded and valued at $1.44 billion dollars. 

Thousands of views, and millions in sales. That is the results Zuora has seen. Can we take credit for all of it? No of course not, they have awesome employees that bust their butts to get to where they are today. But we did help. Especially in giving their team members a voice and script to use when selling various products. We also helped them communicate the value of very complex tech quickly in an engaging way. Introducing viewers to amazing solutions they might not have been aware of.

Creative content is an art not a science.

But we do get results and that is why our clients keep coming back.

So how did we make these videos for Zuora so successful?

First we started where we always do. Strategy. We interviewed, talked, and laughed as we defined their markets, demographics, and the specific pain points they help solve for each.

We then dived deep into their solution designing the right language and visuals to efficiently yet honestly communicate why each product was going to make accounting teams smile. All this is delivered as blueprint for Zuora guiding the rest of the project and providing a researched script for their sales team.

Finally we execute, combing through our collection of dossiers we hand pick the perfect creatives for the job, an eagle eyed designer, over achieving animators, and engaging voice over talent. In a matter of weeks we have multiple deliverables that are hard not to love.

I’ll give the final words to Angela, one of our contacts at Zuora.

Here is what she had to say after finishing our latest project. 

"There was a moment where I just like felt like, oh my God I don't think I'm going to be able to produce the video. And it was mainly when, I think it was like we barely had any time left.

I think it was like six or seven weeks before the actual conference. Having a video asset to capture the essence of that product that we could market to and put on our website and send to customers to educate them and things like that. You know, that's super important.

Well my opinion is essential in any major product launch. But you're really good in saying, no, I think I have a solution for you.

The video was the opener for the session. So it was just a really wonderful asset to start off the session with really high energy. Packed room for the keynote event. There was standing room only toward the back. The music and the beats were really effective with that.

Each of the customer testimonials were really on point. All the animations and the sub titles was all really effective. And the way you stitched together each sound bite to sort of build the story. Take the customer through the journey about paying to solving the problem to reaching a resolution which is what it's like after the resolution. The way you kind of took those assets and put it together in you animated setting. It really completely changed the production value. It all turned out so so well.

You've just been a fantastic partner to me the past three years or four years. You know I'm always so grateful. You are always one step ahead of me. And you know, these are the things that, any project manager, or product marketer or whatever, that has been in my shoes for a long time. Just like how thorough you are in your client service. You know, high touch client service that you pre-empt that other folks might not because they either they don't have that level of experience or execute that passion to go that extra mile for your customers. So unlike some of the other video production companies, that I've worked with, you know, we've never had surprises, I've never a moment where, it's a night before the keynote and I'm like, oh my God this just bloody sucks. But I guess I'm just going to have to roll with it tomorrow because I have no choice you know. That I think just that piece of mind has been, you know I can't assign a dollar value to it. It's been really valuable to us."

Angela Ngo

So if you want similar results give us a call and get treated like Royalty with your own team of Rogues. 

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